Now's the time to sew that sleek, chic Valentine's Day number.

Valentine's Day seems so far away. But. She's got a very busy January and February. Business trips to New York, San Francisco and Brazil. So. If she is going to make a special dress for her special date with her very special someone, now is the time to start. It can't be just any dress. Her requirements: irresistibly sexy, extremely original, sinfully '60s. And Prominent Designer M406, designed by Wilson Folmar, meets each and every one of her musts. She'll find a strawberry ice cream pink silk satin. Red for V-Day is such a cliche.

And is there any better time to shop than this moment, during the sale at The Blue Gardenia? Of course not. She's going to let her elegant Lotus Rouge-tipped fingers glide there right now.

Sale details: 

Spend $50 - $99, get 15% off. 
Spend $100 - $249, get 35% off. 
Spend $250 - $399, get 40% off. 
Spend $400 or more, get 45% off.

Is that a deal or what? The limits are all before the discount, which means if you spend, for instance, $250, then your tally will only be be $150. 

Sale ends at midnight PST January 7, 2013. So hurry, scurry! All payments must be received by January 11, 2013.