Planning your fall wardrobe? May I offer a suggestion or two?

Tell me you're in the mood to shop. Do. Because that will make me so very happy. And it make you the best dresssed dame in town. We've just added vintage sewing patterns at The Blue Gardenia ? nearly 100! Isn't that exciting? 

A few favorites:

Some nights, you want to sleep in jammies. So comfortable. So warm. So loose. Other nights ? well ? other nights, you don't. You want something sexy. Spicy. And oh so titillating. Is there anything better than a 1930s brassiere and panties? You want have to worry about an electric blanket to keep you warm. You won't. Because he will do it. Yes. He most certainly will. You won't be able to keep him away. You won't. So. Let Simplicity 7117 bring out the manly man lurking inside him.

For those frigid days skating on the icy pond, you're going to make McCall 9878, copyright 1938. It will swirl most delightfully while you're practicing your triple axle, exposing those cute shorts underneath. So irresistible. 

For days in town, when you want to look your smartest, don Simplicity 1716, copyright 1946. The balloon sleeve version offers plenty of room for cozy sweaters ? without discomfort. Don't you hate it when your coat sleeves are too snug? I do. Ugh.

And this year, you want something really special for the Christmas Ball. Really. Truly. Something with that Charles James flair. Something regal. Elegant. Sophisticated. Something that references Ingrid Bergman in Indiscreet. And Vogue Couturier Design 824 fits that description. Perfectly. Silk shantung for the dress. Velvet for the bolero. Most definitely. Oh. What an entrance you will make.

It's going to be such a gala fall. So many parties. You know you'll need another gown. You will. Absolutely. You've been in the mood for something that exposes one shoulder completely. Something that flows. Something that drapes. Gloria Vanderbilt designed just the right gown with Prominent Designer A957. Revealing, but not too. 

You'll find all these patterns ? each and every one plus an abundance of fabulous new additions? at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling, and domestic shipping is free. (And we happily ship abroad as well, for less than the USPS charges us. Is that neat or what?)