Playsuits. Picnics. Fried chicken. Does life get any better?

Yesterday, it was there. Definitely. Inescapably. Teasing her. Courting her. A little coy. Yet. There it was. That hint of fall in the air. The coolness on her arms and calves on her walk. Yes. Yes. She loves autumn. Her favorite season. Bar none. The color of the leaves. The nip in the air. Beautiful.


First. There is an end-of-summer picnic. And she wants to make the most of it. So. She'll wear the playsuit and skirt she made from McCall's 6624, copyright 1979. Designed by Krizia. It is indeed playful. And sexy, but not threateningly so. Not in-your-face-don't-you-want-me sexy. Nothing to make the other women uncomfortable or the men lustful. She loves it. She does. She made it out of lightweight robin's egg blue linen. And she can't wait to wear it. Absolutely.

Now. What to bring? Cherry pie? Pumpkin bread? Brownies? No. Fried chicken. Yep. That's it.  Calories. Grease. Yum bunnies.