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Simplicity 2925, Copyright 2008

Oh. Woe is me, she whimpered. I?ve nothing to wear, she sobbed. I know. You?ve heard it before. All of it. Start the violins. Bring out the tissues. (Cliché overload! Forgive me ? I stayed too long at the ball this weekend. All right. No more clichés today. I promise.) But it?s true. Really. Saturday night, I wore an ancient but pretty royal blue linen dress made from a 1950s McCall pattern. Big skirt. Flares out like an umbrella when I whip a turn. It?s a favorite, and I love it. However, I have worn it so many times that I am sure the very sight of it elicits silent sympathetic murmurs from my fellow dancers.

Friday night, I wore what has become my ballroom dance uniform: jeans and a slinky knit top. So dull. More boring than rice pudding. So I decided I can?t lollygag any longer. I?ve gotta start sewing right away. I can?t face my pitiful, meager closet many more Friday nights. I can?t! Jeans and a knit top? No, no, no. Pizzazz. That's the way to go.

So. What do you think about this Threads/So Stylish number? The white dress, in the upper right hand corner. It?s current, so it?s not at all my style, but it looks like it would be a breeze to make and to make quickly. And hone my sewing skills, or perhaps develop my sewing skills would be more accurate. And the sooner I can sew a straight seam and handpick a zipper, the sooner I can start stitching up one of my beloved vintage patterns. In the meantime, would Threads let me down? Never!