Possibilities: Gidget Visits "Little House on the Prairie" Choice

McCall's 4564, copyright 1989

It hit me today: A shortie nightgown! That is perhaps the perfect item for a beginning seamstress. Among the benefits: It won?t take much fabric, hence it will be inexpensive. The construction tends to be simple, which means no alarming spikes in my blood pressure. If a seam here or there isn?t as straight as it should be, what?s the big deal? No tears will be shed. No tissues soiled. After all, it will still be ever so much more fetching than a Houston Rockets tee-shirt, circa 1990s.

And the striped version of this nightie is somewhat appealing ? albeit mildly so ? in a Kristin Davis down on the farm sort of way. Don?cha think? I see it in a lightweight cotton, which to my neophyte dressmaker mind, will be easy to sew. No jamming of the bobbin. No pulling of the hair.