Possibilities: It's smart but is it easy?

VogueAD_1167Vogue American Designer 1167, circa 1970s

I know. I?m supposed to be relentlessly upbeat. I think I can. The little train that could. I am woman. I am invincible. You've heard that song. You know the lyrics. Yadda yadda. But today, doubt is nibbling at my confidence. Heck. It's taken a big bite. Can I really learn to sew, and sew well? Not just Walmart, made in China, loose threads everywhere sewing, but genuine, neatly and professionally finished, look for the union label dressmaking? How long does it take someone to become accomplished? How much fabric must be sacrificed? Tell me.

Oh well. Enough whining. This Stan Herman wrap dress falls into the easy category ? allegedly. No zippers. No buttons. Minimal fitting. Those are advantages, in my book. And I love the look: As cozy as an old pair of flip-flops. Hubby?s old comfy bathrobe meets the runway. Seamstresses, I eagerly await your thoughts on this pattern. Is it easy enough for someone with a less than stellar sewing past?