Possibilities: Yes, no, maybe so


Simplicity 5014, Copyright 1972

I admit it: I am smitten with this dress. It?s sexy. It?s simple. It has that Julie Christie vibe. And it?s not only a Jiffy, it?s a Super Jiffy! That means it will be easy for a fledgling seamstress to make, right?

This is one of the patterns under consideration for my I-Will-Learn-to-Sew-I-Will-I-Will-I-Will Project. It?s important, vitally so to my wounded self esteem, that the winning pattern makes up beautifully. So beautifully that awed strangers on the street will stop me, asking ?where did you get that gorgeous dress," to which I will coolly respond ?this old thing? I made it myself.?

So, what d?ya think? Good choice?