Prescription for sunny days: 1930s sweat elegant sports attire

LHJ-NY-1280 You are looking forward to the weekend. You are yearning for the sunny days the forecaster promised. Absolutely. Lemonade. Chicken salad. Laughter. Strolling around the course attempting to smack that little dimpled white ball. You don't really care if you hit it or not. Neither will anyone else, because you are going to look so swellelegant. You, in your butter yellow and French blue linen sports dress. The one you whipped up from delicious 1930s Ladies Home Journal-New York 1280. Lovely. So very. And, yes, this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia, where you'll find patterns suitable for even the snootiest fashionista. We added many 1930s patterns, most in factory folds, from 1933-1935. Enjoy!