Salute the sun, but wear the right pants

Vogue American Designer 2474, copyright 1990

So, girls and boys, I confess I was a little down today. Heck, I was downright depressed, feeling like the beneficiary of a one-way ticket to the dark side. Express. Nonstop. Cloaked in gloom and doom. Hope was a foreign language I did not speak. Woe, as the omnipresent they might say, was me.

And then I went to yoga class. Wow. The deep breathing. The stretching. The postures. Suddenly ? and I do mean suddenly ? I felt alive, tingly, all aglow. High even. No exaggeration. Really. I love yoga. Love it. Even though I am not especially good at it. Flexible, yes. Strong, not so much. But I shall keep striving. (My inner perfectionist rarely takes a vacation.) Breathe. Yes, deeply. Hold. Release. Wow.

Wouldn't these Perry Ellis pants be perfect for yoga? And stopping by the grocery store afterward for a loaf of bread? I think they are definitely doable for a beginner. A practical inspiration these. What do you think, you who sew? An attainable project for a novice?

Slowly, my sewing area is coming together. I think it will be ready to go this weekend. I am so excited! (I know you are, too. Sure you are. Admit it. Don't hold back.) This process has involved so much more work ? and dust ? than I anticipated. Much sweat. Many muscle twinges. A sneeze or two. But worth it all. Ever so. Do, I beg, share any organizational tips you might have. As long, that is, as they do not involve dusting, heavy lifting or broken glass.