Screen Actors Guild gowns left my spirits sagging.

Ho hum. That's how the fashion ? or lack thereof ? made me feel while watching the Screen Actors Guild award show. Sigh.

Davis_sagSure. There were women who looked quite pretty. Viola Davis for one. She glowed. Her Marchesa dress does indeed have an elegant 1960s vibe ? and I like that ? but it's more Lilli Ann than Lanvin.

And Juliana Margulies wore another dress that left me yawning. Certainly, it looks too good to wear while mucking out the stalls. But the Calvin Klein design looks readymade for Stepford.

There were a few gowns that lifted my blah de dah mood.

I love Kyra Sedgwick's Pucci. And how. The tomato shade looks as irresistible and cool as a bowl of gazpacho on a sweat-inducing summer day in the southern Louisiana. And the cutouts are sexy. Quite. I do think it's time for Kyra to stop channeling Farrah with her hairstyle, though. Be brave, woman. Try something new.

Love Natalie Portman's Valli Giambattista Couture. Love it. Love it. Love it. Absolutely. Talk about stunning. Especially the color. Anyone know a nail polish in that shade? It's perfect.

I'm also more than a little fond of the L'Wren Scott frock donned by the lovely Gretchen Mol. It's beautiful. It's comfortable. Those are two qualities I find most desirable in clothing. I do.


So. What do you think? Any gowns you loved? Any that you loathed?

Do tell. I await your opinions. Most eagerly.