Sewing spaces: Erica B.'s D.I.Y. style. (Martha is smiling!)


Dearest readers, I have been pondering sewing spaces. My machine is in my office. I cut at Marticia's. I need organization! I do. I need inspiration. Absolutely. (And I could do with some extra energy, too, oh great sewing genie!)

So. I decided to query other sewing bloggers about their sewing rooms. I did. And today is the first of a series on the spaces where my blogging dressmaker idols sew. I hope you find this info as helpful as I do. Really. Truly. Sometimes, I am so unselfish.

The first glamorous blogger: Erica Bunker of Erica's D.I.Y. style:

Sewing_rooms_eb_pic Do you have a dedicated sewing space?

I do!

What do you like best about your sewing area?

That it's mine! It's my own personal space. It's the only room in my home that is completely mine. If I'm working on a project, I can just stop and leave everything as is, cut the lights off and return the next day.

What would you change about your space?

I'm currently adding more storage space and my cutting area. In my next home, the space itself will be much larger to accommodate those things.

How is your space organized?

When I worked in corporate America, I worked in a cubicle just like a lot of people. I grew accustomed to having everything at arms length. I wanted my sewing area to reflect that as well. I can just turn in my chair and have access to everything I need. It's a small space, but functional.

If you have a fabric stash, how do you impose order?

I really don't maintain much of a stash. If I see something I love, I'll try to visualize what I'd like to do with it and by yardage based on that. I'm really not that good at predicting a future project, so I really don't buy fabric to stash. But the small stash that I have is folded in a large RubberMaid bin.

How are your patterns organized?

My patterns are organized by pattern company in numerical order. I've been saying that one of these days I'll sit down and create my own database or spreadsheet, so that I'd be able to do a query or sort based on category. That day has yet to come!

Are your patterns archived? How are they stored?

Yes. And they are stored in small filing cabinets. But since my pattern stash is growing by the moment and every sale at Jo-Ann's and Hancock, I'm looking into something larger to store them.

Sewing_rooms_mannequin_eb Do you have a mannequin made-to-measure?

Not "made- to-measure. But I have a PGM-Pro that is very close!

If so, do you find it helpful?

Yes, I love her and couldn't sew without her.

What do you cut out your patterns on?

I use a Sullivan Home Hobby Table - 36" x 36" x 59.5" and a rotary cutting mat.

What is your most helpful tool? Why?

My iron! Next to my sewing machine, it's the best tool I have! It's a Consew Silver Star CES-300 Gravity Feed Iron. When sewing, you spend just as much time (if not more) pressing your garment as you do sewing . . . well, at least YOU SHOULD! You have to have a quality iron.

What tools do you recommend for the beginning sewer?

A great reference book! I recommend The Complete Guide to Photo Sewing - Singer. It tells you everything you need to know to get started.  I've been sewing for years, and I still refer to it.

What kind of machine do you use?

A Bernina Activa 130.

What do you like about it?

She's a little workhorse! And the stitch quality is impeccable!

Do you use a serger? If so, why do you like it?

Yes. I have a Brother 1034 D serger. I'm really anal about the inside of my garments. When I sew something, I proudly show the interior. I always want the inside of my garments to look "finished". . . never the homemade look.

How long did it take you to develop your sewing space?

I would call it "still under development," LOL! But I've been developing it since around 2006!