Sewing spaces: Haven't bought your Crepe yet? Click to win one.

Dress-back-close Sarai, the lovely, talented and generous designer-owner of Colette patterns, has donated a beautiful Crepe pattern to celebrate Sewing Spaces. Now. You know that Gertie is having a Crepe sew-along. You know that Crepe is a beginner pattern. So. If you haven't purchased one yet, here's your chance to get one for the great price of free. Just leave a comment, telling me if you want see more Sewing Spaces or if you're (boo hoo) tired of the series. Be truthful. OK? You MUST leave your comment by December 16 at noon PST. The winner will be picked by random number generator. So. There ya go. All the details you need. At least for this giveaway.