Sewing Spaces: Sewistas, we have a winner . . .

We do. And she is one lucky female. Her name is Marisa, and her blog is beautiful, and I suppose I will have to forgive her for not being a regular reader. Or will I? Some things pierce the heart too deeply, and perhaps this is one. Pass those Puffs, please.

At any rate, she will be getting her prize ? the ever-so-feminine Crepe pattern from Colette, luscious royal blue wool crepe from Gorgeous Fabrics, a cute-as-a-mewling-pup pin cushion from The Cupcake Goddess and pretty Cherries in the Snow, both lipstick and nail polish. (A warm-and-toasty thank you to Sarai, Ann, Sunni ? and ever-so-modest me ? for providing prizes. I bow to all of you. I do.)

And, Marisa, congratulations! Absolutely. And I thank each and every one of you for entering. I am touched and pleased that so many people left a comment. I am. Truly. And, yes, there will be another contest soon. Very.