Shameless plug: Handywoman apron? Fath halter? We have it.

Vogue_Paris_Original_2206 I've got that '60s groove goin' on. Tom Jones growling on the CD . . . once upon a time there was an Eden . . . once upon a time there was an Eve.

So. We've updated. We have. In a big way. So many pattern additions. And such stylish additions. You don't mind if I toot The Blue Gardenia's horn, do you? 

Mmmm. Well. Back to Tom and Eve. I say that today's Eve should be cool. Calm. Self-collected. Self-possessed. And she might wear Vogue Paris Original 2206, the fabulous A-line designed by Molyneux. Any apple she offers will be clean, polished, organic. A Pink Lady anyone? Or would you prefer a Cameo?

If you've sworn you'll never fall in love again, never ever, you're gonna have to pound in your own nails and tighten your own screws. So you'll need McCall's 1942, a do-it-yourself hobby apron, from 1954. It will help you stay organized. It will help you keep all your tools close at hand. It will never treat you wrong. It will never break your heart. And you'll look so fetching and capable. Should you fall in love again? No. No. That's never gonna happen. It isn't. Is it? Absolutely not. After all, remember what Tom says:  When you fell for someone else, baby, I broke up all inside, and it looks like I'm never gonna fall in love, no, I'm never gonna fall in love again. (Oh, Tom, when your voice breaks like that, I get as gooey as pecan pie.)

Vogue_Paris_original_1176 If you do decide to fall in love again, then Vogue Paris Original 1176, designed by masterful Jacques Fath in 1952, will have him on his knees begging love me tonight  . . . darling, be kind for I'm out of my mind over you. Of course, you won't change your mind. You're determined. You're strong. You've hardened your heart. Right? Right? I'm waiting for your answer.

So. Listening to Tom has certainly exhausted me. Really. And I've missed House Hunters. Yes. I lead an exciting life. Very.

And, now, for those pesky but necessary details. You knew they were coming, didn't you? New additions always go  at the beginning of each category. And we take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex, as well as Paypal to make it easier for you. And, of course, checks, money orders, and cold hard cash, as long as you send it along promptly like good girls and boys. We are so agreeable.