Shameless plug: How about a nice, juicy strawberry?

So. I've taken some time from my busy life to add patterns. Just for you. And you. And you. Yes. And you. I did not forget you. I didn't. And here are a few of my favorites:

You're feeling prim yet sophisticated. Straitlaced yet sassy. Is there any more suitable dress for such a mood than Vogue Couturier 252 from the 1930s? I think not. Just look at those godets.

Simplicity_3593_1950s And for those chilly evenings this fall, when you want to look regal in the firelight as you ponder deep girly thoughts, choose Simplicity 3593, copyright 1951. Or you could stitch up the short house dress version and don it for Saturday morning chores. If you must. I won't be responsible for frightened dustbunnies. I won't.

And speaking of Saturday mornings and household tasks and all that, McCall's 2015 from 1955 is just the thing to wear as you whip the eggs and fry the bacon 1955_apron_pattern and squeeze the oranges. Because you do squeeze your own orange juice? Of course you do. I know it.

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