Shameless plug: Motor running? Our once-a-year sale starts now!

Vogue_2106_Cardin Just this once, I won't waste your time with needless words. Really. I promise. Brief. To the point. That's me at this moment. So. Intro over, here you go: It's time for The Blue Gardenia's once-a-year sale. The lowdown: Buy 3 or more items, get 33% off. Sale prices are good now, this minute, through midnight PST Thursday, January 7. All payments must be in my eager paws by January 9, 2010. As always, TBG takes American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, non-rubber checks and cold, hard cash. And you are all smart cookies, so you know to shop early for the best selection. Like now, this moment. Or this oh-so-mod, oh-so-Shrimpton Pierre Cardin number will be gone. Scurry. Hurry.