Shameless plug: Pucci culottes, sassy shorts, bias slips, and more.

It's true: We've been lazy lately. So very. But we finally took a break from eating chile cream chocolates and reading Ruth Rendell novels, and got together an update. Hope you love it. Hope, in fact, you just can't resist these lovelies. A few favorites (and there are many more!):

Vogue 9419
, a luscious bias slip from 1943.

New York 1387
, sassy pleated shorts with three blouse options and an overskirt for those demure moments, also from the 1940s.

Advance Import 76
, figure-revealing jacket worthy of those days when you simply must channel Kim Novak.

Vogue Couturier Design 2249
, the perfect culottes for those summer patio parties, courtesy of Pucci. Of course.

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