Shameless plug: TBG adds sensationally fab patterns

Marian Martin 9208, circa 1940s

It's too hot to leave the house to shop. I'm sweating ? not glowing, sweating! ? just thinking about it. The masses at the mall. The heat. The traffic. The gas! So let your fingers do the walking to The Blue Gardenia.
We've just added lots of outstanding patterns, and you won't have to leave your cool house. A few tidbits to tease you into stopping by and shopping:

A slinky Harlow-esque Butterick evening gown pattern with many variations. More bang for the buck.

A smart Butterick day dress that's unusual and will weather the heat well, when you absolutely have to go out.

Sassy, tapered 1950s slacks with sophisticated and sleek overblouse or blouse. So very, very Doris.

And a designer extravaganza awaits in the 1960s category: Belinda Bellville. Dior. YSL. Cardin. And so on. And so on.

There?s a Vogue negligee with a sash to accentuate your curves. So sleek. So sexy. Perfect to take off late in the evening. Or to slip on in the morning to scramble up some eggs.

Totally neat. Totally unusual accessory pattern: Belt pockets from 1940. Love this one! Love it!

And there is so much more! Don?t miss this exciting update. New patterns always go at the beginning of each category to make it easier for our regular customers. And speaking of you all, thank you! Thank you!

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And back to the regular programming . . .