Shameless plug: The perfect blouse. The sexiest negligee. Plus.

Mccall_7768_1940s_blouse It is that time again, girls and boys. Time to dazzle you (I hope) with fabulous additions. And I do think the vintage patterns we've added are fabulous. Absolutely. Here are a few of my favorites of the 70something or so we added. And keep in mind that I do like blouses. Ever so much.

In my opinion ? and, of course, it is humble, you know it is ? McCall 7768, View B, copyright 1949, is the perfect blouse. Absolutely. Yes indeedy. The collar has just enough width to add drama, yet not overpower; the shoulder gathers are flattering to all bust sizes; the low neckline adds just the merest hint of sexiness; and the cuffs add style that even Tim Gunn would give a shiny tinfoil gold star.

Advance_6893_mad_men_blouse Another blouse that this fashionista adores: Advance 6893, from the 1950s. It's ladylike. So say the scallops. Yes. But its neckline that dips just north of there says it's wearer might just be ready to rumba. And definitely knows how.

Butterick_3064_70s_jacketAnd if you've been salivating over The Cupcake Goddess's boyfriend jacket ? I confess, I have ? you can make your very own with Butterick 3064. Sure, there are a few differences. But they are minor. Very. The collar is a wee bit narrower; the pockets are curved, big and usable for those of use who like to stick our hands inside to play with the pocket lint and to strike a scholarly pose. But the flavor is the same. (And while you're at The Cupcake Goddess blog checking out her jacket ? read her posts on aging. Let me know what you think. Better yet, let her know.)

Jean_harlow_negligeeAnd then there is Butterick 5413. Talk about channeling Jean Harlow and Carole Lombard. And how. Luscious. Unusual. Screams 1930s glamour. It does. And don't you love those kimono sleeves? I do.

And, yup, you can buy each and every one of these lovelies ? and more ? at The Blue Gardenia. We take Amex, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa to make it easy for you. Do not ? I repeat ? do not let these get away. Make me happy. Make my little canine pals happy. And make yourself happy, too. Do.