She cries hooray for Givenchy's VPO 2208. And how.

She loves men. She does. But a long-term relationship? That, that is another story. She's been accused — more than once — of treating men like Puffs. She doesn't think that's really true. She always gives her utmost, and she's always true, always, in her fashion. Can she help it if she gets bored after a year or two? Can she? Can she help it if she loves to flirt? Well, of course, she could. But. She has no intentions of stopping. It's such fun. It is. And she's so very accomplished in that area.

Vpo_2208_detailOne thing she'll never get bored with is Vogue Paris Original 2208, designed by Givenchy. She wore it when she was mad for Isaac. She'll not forget the Valentine Ball — the dancing, the banter. Gazing into his Paul Newman blue eyes. Oh, that was such a lovely night they spent at that quaint inn by the bay. Walking, talking, as Ella singing

If a custom tailored vet
Asks me out for something wet
When the vet begins to pet, I cry hooray

floated gently on the air from some distant jukebox. She wore the evening version, which she stitched up in silk crepe. Four-ply. In a lovely pink the color of Delta Mints. Too bad they no longer make them.

And then there's the day version. She's worn it so many times. She made it in an exquisite light-weight wool knit, the color of a Chrysler Imperial rose. She has such fond memories of wearing it that weekend in Chicago with Benjamin. He will always have a special room in her heart — but he wanted more than she was willing to give. So much more. A wedding ring, you say? Darling, darling, no, she thinks not. Most emphatically.

Ahhh, the details, if you please:

Vogue Paris Original 2208 Day or Evening Dress Designed by Givenchy Bust 32½ Complete $100.

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