Sunday? Yes. Sedona? Yes. Sewing? Not so much.


OK. I admit it, dear readers: No sewing at all this past Sunday. None. Nary a stitch. Instead, I fled. To Sedona. With Bert and the pups. 


Our first stop, a roadside park in Oak Creek Canyon. So green. Lush even ? not words often used to describe Arizona.


They are so cute. Don't you agree? Of course you do. Right? Absolutely.


Does anyone really use these picnic stand grills? Really? You're not just pulling my leg? You won't convince me that the flames kill the germs. You won't. No need to even try. His Bertness scoffs at my squeamishness. But I am the one who cooks. So there.

And why, you may ask, am I blogging about Sunday on Tuesday? Because. Because I have been doing things. Important things. Fun things. Like sleeping.