That skirt. That top. And those cute, creative shorts.

The bias strips shorts: So cute. So unusual. The bias strips shorts: So cute. So unusual.    

High today: 98 in good old low-humidity ABQ. Let me be repetitious: A dry heat is still a very unpleasant and uncomfortable heat. Yes, indeed.

And what better ensemble to wear in the heat than 1940s Advance 6440? Imagine the skirt with bound buttonholes and covered buttons. I am thinking linen. Spring green. Anything to remind me of another season. And when you get home, hang the skirt up ever-so-neatly in the closet and let that fabulous playsuit show. You know the shorts are going to fit beautifully -- after all, they are made of bias pieces. How radically chic is that?

Can you resist this pattern? It's payday after all. (At least it is for many of you!)

This lovely is available at The Blue Gardenia, where you'll find patterns suitable for the snootiest fashionista. And, yes, we merrily ship abroad. We do.