That Touch of Fashion: A lace top to spur howls at midnight

Who can forget the sexy lace pant suit that  Doris_day_midnight_laceDoris Day wore in Midnight Lace?  (Who, for that matter, can forget the annoying character she plays, Kit Preston? Did you want to seal her up in a vault? I did. Stop whimpering, woman. Take charge. You're rich. You're good-looking. Stop being so helpless and naive. Now. And give me that lace ensemble designed by Irene before I shut the door. Just hand it over. Pronto. Thank you.)

But. Down to brass needles. Absolutely.  Simpicity-3703  This enticing set can be yours. It can. First, get Simplicity 3703, circa 1950s.  (Mad Men alert! It's that day, after all, and this pattern is very cuspy; it'd look right at home in the '60s. Absolutely.) Get it at The Blue Gardenia, of course. But you knew we'd have it. Didn't you? Thought so.  Use View 2, but trim the bottom of the blouse straight across. Forget the point. Save that style for later. It's casual. It's cute. But it's for a barbecue, not an after-hour seduction. (Yup. This is a multipurpose pattern. Make it once. Make it twice. Make it once again.)

And might I suggest Gorgeous Fabrics rayon Chantilly Lace  for the top? Luscious. Line it in nude georgette for modesty. Or just wear a black camisole underneath. Your choice. Either way, the wolves will be sniffing around your door.