That Touch of Fashion: Doris Day nails the casual look. And how.

Now. This is stylish casual. This is comfy casual. This is the way to dress on Saturday. At the farmer's market while pinching tomatoes. At the cafe Doris_day_fashion_copied while dipping a fry in ketchup. At the car wash while reading People, your favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, Ms. Day knows how to do this look. She's got it down. Absolutely.

And if you want a similar look, you might stitch up Advance Sew-Easy 3436. It's the fall version, with the longer-sleeved tunic and the rolled neck to protect you from brisk winds. I recommend wearing shoes while outdoors, though. No need for frosty toes. And, of course, there are those proprietors that frown on bare feet. Go figure.

And, yes, this pattern is available at The Blue Gardenia. The details ? because, of course, you want to know ? Bust 34, still in factory folds, $33, and no shipping fees unless you live abroad. There you go. Let those fingers do their thing and walk on over to the The Blue Gardenia. Because. This look is classic. Because. It's a beginner pattern, and that means easy. Because. I appreciate you. Because. Henry and Emma like their canine treats. They do.