The fun you'll have in these dresses and coveralls. Absolutely.

Mccall_8520_coverall Oh. What a weekend you have planned. Vegas? No. Istanbul? Nuh uh.  San Carlos de Bariloche? Hardly. You are staying in town. Here. But you're going to have fun anyway.

First, Saturday. A day of gardening. Tilling the soil. Planting the lantana. Fertilizing the roses. Spreading the mulch. And you'll be wearing McCall 8520, copyright 1951. With a big floppy straw hat and your gloves. Are you the American Beauty or is your rose? Why can't you both be? You can. I said so.

Mccall_3727_1940s And then there's Saturday night. Yes indeed. And you have plans. Yes, ma'am, you most certainly do. Dinner at a discreet bistro, where you will be wearing the fruits of last weekend's labor. McCall 3727. You'll keep your bolero on over the steak frites and the creme brulee. But afterward. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. The real fun begins on the dance floor at the Kenny Wayne Sheppard show. No bolero, at least not of the clothing variety. And then . . . well, there's no need to share all your plans for the evening, is there? You don't kiss and tell. You don't. You won't. Absolutely not.

The_perfect_summer_dress Sunday, church. Can't miss what Rev. Tom has to say. And you're meeting your gal pals for lunch. The weather will be perfect. And is there a better dress for sunny days than Donna Karan's 1990 design, Vogue American Designer 2470? There's not. Trust me. Please. This is the ultimate dress for patio dining. It is.

So. You can see there is no need for a pricey airplane ticket and a costly hotel. None. You can stay home and save. You frugalista, you. And, yes. All patterns are available at The Blue Gardenia.