We've added a plethora of vintage patterns. Wanna see?

We know you're exhausted, buying all those snazzy presents for friends. So. We have added glamorous new patterns at The Blue Gardenia. Because. You deserve a treat just for you. A few favorites:

1935 McCall 8130 ? She loves the neckline. So unusual. She loves the shirring. So flattering. In fact, she loves this frock. Period. End of story. She must have it. After all, it is truly multipurpose: She can wear the short sleeve version for church on Sunday. How fetching it will be with the big-brimmed, rose-trimmed Lilly Dache she bought last year and still hasn't worn, except to prance in front of the mirror. And the long-sleeve version will make a lovely New year's frock. Perhaps with a silk organdy collar in peach and the body in navy silk charmeuse. Goosebumps. She feels them at just the thought.

1945 Simplicity 1306 ? Angeline has been looking for the perfect ensemble for Christmas shopping. She always shops late. She always shops small businesses, either in Tacoma or online. Online, of course, a snuggly chenille robe will do. But among the excited shoppers at the shops, she likes to look smart. But she must also be comfortable. And Simplicity 1306 is exactly what she's searching for ? wide-shouldered weskit, pleated pants. It will look great over that 1980s Anne Klein cashmere sweater she snatched elatedly at the vintage store last week. She knows what she'll be doing this weekend, and it has to do with fabric, scissors and a sewing machine. Yes indeed.

1950s_vogue_84861955 Vogue 8486 ? She needs a new suit for that all-important, long-awaited job interview in January. And she has found a pattern that says it all: Serious. Fashionable. Smart. Independent. And it is so memorable, with the boxy jacket and radiating tucks. Perhaps she'll make it in alpaca. Yes, alpaca. She'll find some. Somewhere.

1960s Vogue Couturier Design 1687 ? Elouise has been fretting. Nervous. This is her first New Year's Eve with Joshua, the man of her dreams. And she does mean dreams. Not nightmares. He's kind. Well-mannered. Dignified. Respectful. And he is the sharpest Crayon in the box. And she's talking about the box of 400! She's found the perfect dress to wear to the bash at his parents' swankienda: VCD 1687, designed by John Cavanagh.

And, yep, these fabulous patterns ? as well as many other new vintage additions ?  are available at The Blue Gardenia, where the patterns are counted, the jewelry is sparkling and domestic shipping is free. (We happily ship abroad, for less than the cost USPS charges us.) And do recall: We put new patterns at the start of each category. Enjoy!