What to do with your day? Plan your wardrobe. Of course.

You're sitting at your desk. Bored. You've completed all the tasks you had scheduled for today. And you just aren't in the mood to start something new. You are not. So. Why not check out the fabulous, smashing, your-favorite-superlative here update at The Blue Gardenia? A few lovelies to tempt you:

It's summer. Oh, is it ever. The temperature is climbing moment by moment. You don't want to go to the office. You don't even want to leave the house. It is that hot outside. So. What will entice you to leave your bed, and the hard-working ceiling fan whirring deliciously above it? Is there anything? 

Why, yes. There is. That delectable lemon apron you made a few weekends ago from 1950s Butterick 6745. You'll tie it on over your jammies. You'll protect them. No need to wash them today. You can wear them again. Save the environment one garment at a time. How green is that?

You need something prim. Proper. But. It's got to have attitude, too. And more than a soupcon. That darn charity luncheon for your sister, who has socialite dreams. You completely disdain her ambition. You do. But you love her. Sigh. So you'll be supportive. You'll make up Advance 5461. The short-sleeve version. Maybe in creamy linen to show off your tan? Yes, that is exactly the look. The one. And you  can stitch up the three-quarter length view in burgundy wool crepe for fall. You adore a pattern she will use more than once. Yes indeed.

This year, a new coat. She's decided her sewing skills are up to the task. At last. And she has chosen McCall 4374, copyright 1941. It is the most beautiful coat she has ever seen. Without doubt. She'll make View A. She loves the collar. She loves the sleeves. She loves the coat. Period.

She hates the term wiggle dress. She does. Absolutely. She prefers the term comely hug. After all, wiggle reminds her of the word wriggle. Which reminds her of worms. Which reminds her of a platter of earthworms. And she loves earthworms. But in their place. Her garden. Not encircling her hips. Her thighs. Her waist. No way. She cannot think about that term. Wiggle dress. Eeeeeewwwweee. Worms crawling all over her.

That's why she thinks of Vogue Attitudes 1029, designed by Tom and Linda Platt, as a comely hug. The dress is perfect. Sophisticated. Current, yet retro. A sensational way to wear the colorblock trend. And she plans to emulate the model's makeup as well. Early '60s but updated.

And, you can buy each and every one of these lovelies ? and more ? at The Blue Gardenia. But you knew that, didn't you? Smarties. And to make it easier for our loyals, we place new additions at the beginning of each category. Anything to make spending money faster and easier for you! We take Amex, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal and Visa. We gladly ship abroad. Do not ? I repeat ? do not let these gorgeous patterns get away. Make me happy. Make my little canine pals happy. (They love their chicken jerky. And lots of it. They do.) And make yourself happy, too. Do.