Who says there was no good design in the 1980s?

P60lg3869-1 Vogue American Designer 1958, Designed by Donna Karan, copyright 1987

As you, my faithful readers, know, I am no Martha. (And my dust bunnies will happily confirm this as fact. Stop hopping up and down, you little guys. Stop clinging to me. This minute. Go stand in the corner. Now. That's right.) So. I won?t bore you with yet another post about that. Not today. Promise.

What I will share with you is this beautiful Donna Karan pattern. Because, you see, while I was cleaning out the coat closet downstairs (don?t ask, don?t ask, don?t ask) I found the original dress, which used to be one of my favorites. I wore this dress, and wore it, and wore it, and not once did anyone say ?oh, you?re wearing that again.? Not one single time. Why? Because it always looked sexy.  It always looked smart. It was always the most sophisticated and elegant dress in the room. Without a doubt. And it was comfortable. Ever so.  Absolutely.

I did not buy the coat. In Houston, Texas, trust me, there was little need for a coat wardrobe. Much too hot. Much too humid. I had one coat during my sojourn in Houston, and that coat was not only very lightweight, it stayed in my closet most of the winter. Or what one calls winter in the city on the Buffalo Bayou, which can be defined as the season that one's makeup only melts at midday. But the coat is rather terrific, as well. Reminiscent of Lilli Ann?s 1940s coats. Room to move. Room for flair. Scads.

One day soon ? very soon ? I will have the dining room cleared, and I can start sewing again. I am so eager. But. For now. More tossing. More organizing. Tossing. Organizing. Tossing. Organizing. Banishing clutter.


But the new carpet is gorgeous. Truly. I know. I?ve said that before.