You are all wrapped up in comfort. Aren't you? You should be.

Vogue_wrapperAhhh . . . home sweet home. At last. You thought the staff meeting would never end. Why does Brea always make the silliest suggestions? Why does Ned like to hear himself talk? My goodness, the man does go on and on and on. Absolutely.

You kick off your shoes. Leave them by the door, you naughty homemaker, you. You can pick them up later. Maybe. You are exhausted. And you're no Martha Stewart, anyway. You're even too tired to cook. You can have cheese. Grapes. Some rice crackers. But later. Much later. For now, you take off your suit. Snuggle into Vogue 9726, circa 1943, the cute and comfortable wrapper you made last month. Now to find out what's on TV. What day is it, anyway?

And, yes, Vogue 9726, is available at The Blue Gardenia. The details:  Dress or Housecoat "Easy-to-Make" Bust 36 Complete Circa 1943 $37. So. There you go.