You are no pea in a pod. You aren't.

Not you. You've got a little bundle of joy. Yes. But you will not wear one of those skin-tight dresses that show off your baby bump. You won't.

Zegna_cotton_silk_linen Absolutely not. You like a little privacy. No need to show it all off. You want to have a little mystery. A little elegance. A little modesty.

You'll make your very  own maternity clothes. You love the 1950s and early 1960s silhouette for expectant moms. You do. And  you're going to start with McCall's 5373, copyright 1960. You're going to make both versions. For the office, View A. You'll  use that yummy Italian linen/silk/cotton from Michael's Fabrics. So businesslike. So smart. 

Shantung_green You'll make View B out of shantung. Perhaps that luscious green one you've been salivating over at Gorgeous Fabrics. That color is the most. Truly. And so flattering against your skin. Yes indeedy. It will be great for a dinner out on Saturday night at one of those romantic little restaurants where the ivories tinkle and the linens are crisp and clean and very, very white. And you'll take advantage of the chi-chi dining experience to wear your new vintage Hattie Carnegie bracelet and earrings. So beautiful. So minty-mint. So dazzling. Oh. So. Hattie Very.

And, yes, ma'am, this pattern and this sparkling jewelry  set can be yours. Just drop by The Blue Gardenia, and shop, shop, shop. The details about this stylish maternity ensemble: Bust 36, complete except for skirt facings, $25. Don't you adore it? I do. I do. I do.