You've been warned: Some progress. A lot of whining.

Today, I did it. I took Labelladonna?s advice and pinned my chosen pattern, which you, learned and informed readers, know is Simplicity 2925, to my very own body. It appeared to fit perfectly. I, of course, am quite skeptical.

For the photo, however, I was ever so protective of you (yes, I am a sweetie, it's true) and pinned the pattern to a dress form. I did not want to make y?all shriek in horror and run from the computer covering your eyes at the sight of me in my undies ? even though they are rather cute ? and I got rid of my leotards in the 1990s. Besides, this isn?t an X-rated blog. This is a blog about one woman?s desire and fear about learning to sew. What is that saying about feel the fear and do it anyway? You know, I wouldn?t have the slightest fear ? well, perhaps the tiniest shiver of apprehension ? about swinging on a trapeze. Bring it on. I?m not scared of whooshing down a towering, spindly roller coaster. That is exhilarating. But give me a needle, a sewing machine and some tissue paper, and I almost freeze with the fear that I Will Fail. Fail, what an ugly word. Or worse, that the bobbin will jam.

Now, I know. There?s a learning curve. Few people turn out a garment worthy of YSL on the first try. Do they? (And if you did that, please, keep it to yourself. OK? I do not want to hear that right now. I do not want to hear about any dressmaking prodigies at the moment. If your first garment was a suit that Chanel herself would be glowing with pride over, and you made it, no less, at the innocent age of 3 and in an hour and a half at that, tell me later, OK? I repeat: I do not want to hear it right now. What I want to hear, what I need to hear, are Little Train That Could type things. Please. Think Pollyanna.)

I will think positively myself. I will channel Norman Vincent Peale. I will. Really. I will pluck those doubts like unwanted facial hairs. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. And so on. I can. Really. Don'cha think? It's going to be a gorgeous dress. Right? The compliments will pour like rain in Seattle. Right? Right?

Tweezers, anyone?