Possibilities: Yet another, and doesn't this one look cool? June 19, 2008 17:59 5 Comments


Simplicity 7563, circa 1980s

Dear, dear readers, you are silent. Furthermore, your keyboards are silent. I prefer to think you are silent rather than non-existent. Am I delusional? You are out there, right? Talk to me. A simple yes. A simple no. A simple . . . something!

Enough pleading. (Although I do have a right to sing the blues over being ignored, a right to sniffle and sob, a right to dampen my Kleenex.) On to my mission. I love this top. It looks simple, and like the Stan Herman wrap dress, no zippers, no buttons. And it’s saucy. Promises a hint of mischief. Would be as cool as a glass of icy homemade lemonade on a sizzling Arizona day. Picnic perfect. I see it in strawberry linen. (Gee, I don’t think we need a PI to detect a food theme here — and I just had dinner!)

At any rate, I’m beginning to feel a shiver of excitement about learning to sew. Just the slightest shiver amid the apprehension about ruining more fabric.