Blood and dust in the sewing room July 7, 2008 18:11

I am itching. I am sneezing. My t-shirt and shorts and all exposed areas of my body are covered with visible dust. Why, you ask, probably with palpable anticipation. Because. Because I woke up this morning with a plan, a plan that I could not ignore, a plan that caught hold of me like a tick to a dog. What plan, you ask, eagerly. Why, a plan to organize my sewing books and rearrange my office to make room for a sewing area.

It sounded like such a good idea. Then. Hindsight. I’ve heard the saying regarding the benefit of that a time or two. Or three.

So. My plan involved much work. Much. It meant that the plays had to be moved to the top bookshelf, the detective fiction had to be moved to the shelf the plays were on, and finally, the sewing books had to be moved from the bottom bookshelf to the former home of Raymond Chandler and his ilk, an easy-to-reach spot and eye-level to boot. Of course, I had to dust. I had no choice. There were dustbunnies the size of the Incredible Hulk. There was even a spiderweb hanging from the top shelf. Heloise, help!

There was also blood involved in this unpleasant process. Seems His Bertness did not vacuum after breaking a jar of mustard in the storage room off his office a month or so ago. So, yes, I cut my palm while bending down to forage through some sewing books outside. He’s so lucky I am even-tempered. Especially since this is not the first time he has failed to properly clean up after breaking glass. He seems to feel that simply sweeping or wiping is sufficient. I am here to tell you that is not the case. A vacuum is necessary. An industrial vacuum is even better. I can show you my scarred palm to prove it. And the bloody tissues.

But amid the dust, cobwebs and blood, I found this gem of a booklet, circa 1956. It’s not only as cute as a puppy’s tail, it’s helpful, too. Basic, but I am a beginner, after all. Susan Khalje might not find it of much use, but someone who can barely thread a needle will find it immensely informative. And don’t you love the title? The Young Homemaker Learns Easy Sewing Skills. So retro. So adorable. So optimistic. So perfect for bedtime reading.