Why I want to learn to sew: Reason #3 July 8, 2008 19:34 5 Comments

Vogue Special Design 4237, copyright 1961

Now, you might scratch your chin. You might shake your head. You might puzzle over this choice. This isn’t a detailed Schiaparelli. This isn’t an intricate slinky 1930s bias gown that makes the dancers stop midtango and stare awestruck when you enter the ballroom. This is a dress that sneaks up on you like a daydream when you’re standing in line at the grocery store, wondering why the person in front is insisting on a price check on the Smuckers. It's not on sale, dope. This dress takes you away. This dress takes you there. You’re sitting at the table, laughing, chatting, and everyone thinks “She looks lovely tonight, such an elegant cocktail dress.” And then you’re on the dance floor. You mambo to Unchain My Heart. The skirt swirls like a Ricochet. You swing to Hit the Road Jack. You are there. You are in the moment. Totally. This dress sets you free. This dress means it. This dress can keep him in a trance. Or it can go home to meet his momma. Double duty. You love it. You know you do.