Good girls always win — if they pick up their shears July 15, 2008 17:52 1 Comment

I jumped. I shouted. I danced. I squealed in sheer glee. Why, you may ask? Because. Because I — gulp, breathe in, one, two, three, breathe out — took my measurements. Not just the basic hip-waist-bust. No, the detailed, excruciating measurements Kathryn Brenne touts as the basis for well-fitting garments in the August/September Vogue Patterns magazine . Yes, it was painful. Where did that 38-26-39 figure go? Where? It’s hiding, you say. Underneath a little flesh. Around the waist in particular. No need to be rude. No need to point out my flaws. But. Forget that. Forget the padding. The important thing is this: I did it. Step 1, Step 1, Step 1 in the actual construction of a garment. Yes, yes, yes! Yes. Then I took a very deep breath and moved on to Step 2: I pulled Simplicity 2925 out of its pretty envelope. Then, yes, sit down for this: Step 3! Yep, I started cutting it out. Naturally, I was so excited I had to come and share. That was after Henry Jones (my Lab-Great Dane) and I danced around the second floor. To Blondie, no less.

Satellites are falling down tonight
I see you far away
I’m floating into this inescapable bliss

So, yes, jump, squeal, dance. Celebrate. I deserve it. I do. Don’t you agree?