Inspirations: The ultimate film noir vixen dress July 16, 2008 18:31

Vogue Special Design S-4596
P40lg2959This is not a dress for ballroom dancing. This is not a dress for sitting on the sidelines. This is not a dress for wallflowers. This is a dress that says “look at me.” I can handle it. I’m refined. I’m tasteful. But I am as tough as a leather whip, and I can inflict the same kind of pain if you mess with me. But if you treat me nice, if you treat me with respect, I’ll purr. I’ll glow. I’ll growl. Playfully. I’ll call you baby all night long. But I won't mean it. I won't be your woman. I won't be your wife. This dress is a warning: I can get home alone, and I will. It's what I want. It's what I like. Light my cigarette, then leave me alone.