Flaws, flaws, more flaws, and one delicious dream July 22, 2008 12:51 1 Comment


OK. I suppose I shouldn’t blog when I’m thinking of Armand Assante because I forget things. Important things. Things that mar the look of a finished garment. Things like the lack of a snap at the neckline.

Things like poor placement of buttons. Both of these garments http://thebluegardenia.typepad.com/the_diary_of_the_blue_gar/2008/07/why-i-want-to-1.html have buttons placed right above the waistline, and they keep the belt from laying flat. This particular flaw is both uncomfortable and annoying. It inspires continuous fiddling with the belt and button.

Things like the unsightly puckers along the front closing of the blue and gray cashmere dress. (Learned readers, please tell me what causes this blight so that I may avoid it on my own garments.)

Things like cuffs that fall down. I assume the lazy cuff happens because the wrong interfacing is used. Yes? No? Tell me, because I do not want this to happen when I sew.


Things like the glaring gap at the hemline on the royal blue linen frock. Again, dear and ever so knowledgeable readers, how do I prevent this mistake?

I await your replies with anticipation. Breathless, natch.

On a brighter note, on a happier note, in some ways it pays to think of Mr. Assante right before bed. I dreamed about the very luscious him. It was, of course, as most dreams are, strange. Very. There was a marriage proposal. There was a phone call. There was a knock at the door. There was a bad man. There was a storm. There was an apartment with two walls of windows. There was a closet filled with clothes and boxes. There was no sex. None. Darn it. No scarf. No mambo. No sex. And there was a notable absence of a sewing machine. Mmmmmm. You figure it out, you Jungians you. I, for one, simply enjoyed it. I could have it enjoyed it more. Of course. But of the dream I will not complain. Of these two dresses, well, that's another matter. Entirely.