Shameless plug: The patterns we've added, the places they'll go July 23, 2008 19:07

VeggiesYou like to sew. I know you do. Don’t hide it. And. And. I know I’ll like to sew eventually, too. I know I will. And what do you need to sew? At least, what do most of us need to sew? What do most of us Crave, Capital C? Outstanding patterns! I’ve just added many — I didn’t note how many, so no pop quizzes, please — but trust me, there are lots of brand-spankin’ new vintage pattern additions. A few of my favorites:

Dancing veggie apron, courtesy of those crazy 1940s McCall designers. This one is beyond cute, and it has mitts and towels, too! How’s that for stretching out your pattern dollars? And it has dancing veggies! Dancing veggies! Can you say witty? This apron can. Loudly.

1930s Du Barry evening gown or day dress that has a bias skirt — and you know how sexy they are, you know they are totally irresistible, totally — and it has those puffy short sleeves that are all the rage and — you knew I wasn’t going to stop there, didn’t you? — it has simple, yet different seaming details, the kind that make the frock really pop, pop, pop. It also has a bow belt, which I, frankly, would ditch, but, hey, bows aren’t my thing. Some people — like my ex-sister-in-law — love ‘em. She had more bows than there are blades of grass on a golf course. Probably still does. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Not a thing.

CarolAnd there is a sexy Helen Rose suit with an hourglass shape. Form-fitting. Feminine. Don’t-mess-with-me powerful. Not a bow in sight. 1950s, natch. It’s gorgeous. It’s smart. It’s collectible. Can you live another day without it? I think not.

There are three Carol Horns, all special in that special Carol Horn way. Comfy. Edgy. Modern. There are three YSLs as well. I love Yves. Really. I do. If you want to go haute, if you want to go couture, you cannot go wrong with his fashion. Look at style goddess Catherine Deneuve. Yes. Indeed.

You’ll also find additions in Lingerie, Accessories and the 1920s section. And, as you know, new additions go at the beginning of each category, because our regulars find that makes it so much easier. And if you aren’t a BG regular, well, I want you to be one. You’ll be happy you are. We do take Paypal now for those of you who find that is the way to go.

Drop by and let those shopping demons hop, hop, hop! You deserve it. I know you do.