Scintillating details about ironing and pressing. Really. August 7, 2008 06:47 2 Comments


I confess. More reading. (Isn't it a kick? You can learn so much. Really. Avoid that scary sewing machine. The bobbin that seems determined to jam.) So. I am going to share some tips from The Art of Sewing: The Classic Techniques, copyright 1973. I picked up this entire series of Time/Life books years ago at an antique store. I just knew, I just knew, even then that one day I’d try sewing, and try it diligently.
I thumbed through a couple of volumes yesterday, and they were both far too advanced for this novice. And how. But this volume is quite helpful. So much so that I simply must spread the knowledge. I must. Absolutely. I refuse to even try to restrain myself on this issue. Now, this information will doubtless be very old hat to you practiced dressmakers — so please, forgive me for boring you, please, please, please — but I think you other learners will wiggle your ears in delight.
So. Here ya go:
Ironing. Use a long, gliding, forward motion. Try not to move the iron backwards — you might put wrinkles back in.
Pressing. Set the iron straight down on the material with even pressure; lift it straight up.
Detail pressing. With your free hand, open up angles and folds in the fabric. Use only the point of the iron to press confined spaces.
OK, students: Didja get it? And dressmakers extraordinaire, please let me know if you disagree. I don’t want to learn bad habits. And I especially don't want to share them with my ever so appreciated readers. Nosirree.