Shameless plug: Looks that will take you to the moon. And back. August 27, 2008 16:46

Simplicity_1771_1930s_evening_gownSimplicity 1771, circa 1930s

It’s that time again. Actually, it’s way past that time. Way past. A million miles past. All right. I admit it: I’m embroidering a bit. Again. I’m a sucker for hyperbole. I know. You'd never have guessed. It’s more like a hundred. Maybe 500 miles past that time. Maybe a thousand. Maybe.
What time, you ask, with excitement and anticipation? Time to update, time to add marvelous patterns, patterns that beg to be in your collection. Styles that will make you feel good. Styles that will make you look good. Beyond good. Naturally. Would I put any other kind of pattern in The Blue Gardenia?
A few of my favorites:
Simplicity 1764 is a 1930s interpretation of the peasant look. I love this look. Love it. I do. It’s comfy. It’s carefree. Can you ask for more?
McCall 6192 is one of my all-time favorite lounging looks. Absolutely. Wide-shouldered. Strong. Very film noir goddess by the fire. I’m independent, I’m my own woman, I don’t care what you think. That look. You know it. You want it. You can’t live without it. Can you?
Mccall_6192_film_noir_vixenSimplicity 1771 is one of those dreamy, elegant Irene Dunne looks. Fabulous sleeves. Fabulous, monumental sleeves you could use to smuggle your puppy. Unusual, haute couture pleats on the shoulders. This will get your motor running. And his.
So. Enjoy. I did.
And here’s the fine print: New additions always go at the beginning of each category, to make it easier for you, our loyal clientele (and our future loyal clientele). And, of course, you know that The Blue Gardenia takes American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Paypal, Visa and checks (yes, I know that’s rare these days, but I have a retro attitude, so there). Stop by. Browse. Spend lots of money. Make me happy.