Shameless plug: I'm for sleek. I'm for slim. Tonight. September 24, 2008 19:26

It’s true: I have taken time this week from The Bathroom Drama — forgive me, I've forgotten what part - to add patterns to The Blue Gardenia. After all, I like to eat. Groceries are rather wonderful. Don’t you agree?

Advance_8616_fauxlero_not So. Without further ado, some of my favorites. (And I know you’ll notice that I am in the mood for a slim silhouette ­– at least for this particular moment. I'm fickle, so that could change tomorrow. Or even sooner.)

Advance 8616, circa 1950s, boasts a button-on bolero. And it has a collar that makes a statement. Does sleek get any smarter? Does slim get any sexier? I think not. On both counts. And. Imagine all those surreptitious glances when you begin to unbutton your top – in public. Won’t that be fun? Won't that be shocking? Absolutely. Yes indeedy.

Vogue Special Design 6100 is so very Jeanne Moreau. Very 1960s elegant. Very 1960s cool. Very very very. Put your hair up in a French twist or chignon, add a brooch the size of a saucer, don your gloves, and you are ready for dinner with your favorite suave heartthrob. Vogue_6100_jackie_o More than ready.

And, of course, there are many more ever so stylish patterns just added. Always located at the beginning of each category. In fact, you will find new additions in Accessories, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Wow. That's a mouthful! 

And the site is secure. You don’t have to fax your charge info now. So simple. So easy. Life’s a dream.

Isn’t it?