One weekend closer to sewing. I promise. October 5, 2008 18:35 1 Comment

Well. I can’t say this has been a typical weekend. Not at all. But. That, my dear readers, is a good thing. A very good thing. I won’t complain. Work was done. So. I am that much closer to sewing. Really.

His Bertness took some steps toward decluttering the garage. He built a new stand for the mailbox. He trimmed a ponderosa pine. Ever so productive was he.

Mikepaints And Mike the painter gave up his Saturday morning to paint the bathroom, so that Andrew the tile guy could work today. Yippee skippee.

And this all started because the roof leaked. As you no doubt recall. Because, of course, you remember every detail of my life with amazing clarity. Right?

And, yes. That is indeed vinyl flooring circa 1979 framing Mike. Brown vinyl flooring. Your eyes do not deceive. Please don’t tattle about it to my interior design instructor. Promise?