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1940s_vogue_couturier_design_242 Vogue Couturier Design 242, circa 1940s

You step outside. You feel a chill. The wind is whipping. Here. There. It's fast. It's strong. You'll need a coat at the bus stop. Something stylish yet light. Not too bulky. In fact, not bulky at all. You have just the topping. Vogue Couturier Design 242, which you stitched up during Indian Summer. It's perfect. So very much so. The wool crepe shows all the stitching details. The cherry red highlights your skin. You'll be the envy of everyone. The men will steal long glances with avid appreciation. The women will want to know: Where did you get that? You'll smile slyly, impishly, proudly. Will you divulge your secret? Yes. But will anyone believe you when you reply: I made it myself. Maybe. Maybe not. But you know. You did it. With your hands. Yours. And yours alone.