By any name, it's packed with 1940s attitude October 15, 2008 18:38 3 Comments

Gilda_1940s_wedge.jpg Meet Gilda. Misnamed, I think. Frankly, it should be Gene. As in Tierney. This luscious wedge reminds me of the beautiful Ms. Tierney in Leave Her to Heaven. Sure. Her character was a manipulative witch. But what a stylish one. But. No matter what one calls it, it is delicious. Bewitching. Sassy. Elegant. And totally 1940s. Imagine it with 1940s slacks. I do. In fact, it makes me want to stitch up a pair right now. Oh, right. I have to learn to sew first. Which means I have to finish my home improvement project. So that I can restore order to our home. So I will have room to cut out fabric. So. So. So. Drat.

At any rate. I want this shoe. I am breathless with desire. All right. I exaggerate. Slightly.

However. It is too cold here for sandals now. It was 17 at my house Sunday morning. 17! In October. But. For spring, this is the shoe. The one. Be it Gilda. Be it Gene. No matter. It has my name on it.

If you feel the same, or just have a yen for shoes that look vintage but aren’t, check out Remix Vintage Shoes. Philip Heath of Remix says their shoes are made in Spain and Mexico, except for the Hollywood stilettos, which are made right here in the USA. In case you care. And I bet you do.