What a difference a pattern makes. Not to mention fabric. December 3, 2008 14:26 4 Comments

Simplicity 7229, Copyright 2002

Simplicity_7229 I've been scared. I've been ashamed. I've been embarrassed. So. I've been hiding under the bed. Red-faced. Itchy. All because I haven't been sewing. I haven't even attempted to sew. I've been a dressmaking slacker. Forgive me.

Henry Jones did talk me out from under the bed. Finally. At last. You see, that's where he sleeps. He was losing patience. Scowling. (Yes. Some expressive dogs do scowl. And Henry is nothing if not expressive.)

So. I picked out a different fabric. A simple vintage cotton. Something I found at an estate sale about fifteen years ago. Or so. It's pink. It's gay. It's cheerful. Optimistic even.  Fabric  I changed my pattern choice. I went in a completely different direction. Completely. I lowered my expectations. To pajamas. Or pajama bottoms, to be precise. To a 1 Hour Simplicity pattern. Or so the fine folks at Simplicity promise.  

I've washed the fabric. I've pressed it. I am ready to go. Really. I am.

So. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I'll cut. Wait and see. Don't be skeptical.