Shameless plug: Oh, but you're lovely. Especially in these frocks. December 5, 2008 10:32 1 Comment

Because I am passionate about patterns. Because you want something new and festive for New Year's Eve. Because Andrew the tile guy likes to be paid for his labor. Because Henry Jones and Emma like their treats. Because. I've added nearly 80 dazzling vintage patterns to The Blue Gardenia.

1930s_simplicity_1708 And, boys and girls, I do not exaggerate. I do not overstate. These patterns are ravishing. And when I say ravishing, I mean ravishing. Absolutely. So. I'll share a few — just a few – of my favorites with you.


Starting with the 1930s, Simplicity 1708. This one offers not one, but two terrific views. If you're feeling unfailingly feminine and frilly, try the version with ruffles that cascade both front and back. If you want something that's stern yet stylish, something that has a whiff of businesslike briskness for the office, the other view more than fits the bill.

1940s_butterick_3789 On to the 1940s. If you're in the mood to release your inner glamour puss, I recommend Butterick 3789. Slide on your above-the-elbow gloves — don't they feel good - and glide, glide, glide, girl, glide across the room to the piano. Play The Way You Look Tonight. Purr the words in your sultry voice. Meow. You kitten you.


Now, slip into your traveling shoes and let's saunter to the 1960s. Pile your silky tresses atop your gorgeous noggin — ouch! Don't cross those bobby pins — and slip into Vogue Paris Original 1333. Designed by Jacques Heim, it is perfect for channeling Suzy Parker in a Grecian goddess mode. Yep.1960s_VPO_1333 That's one sexy, sophisticated minx looking back at you in the mirror. Yes indeed.


There are so many more marvelous patterns! You'll also find new in Children, Men, Lingerie and 1950s. And, as always, new additions go at the beginning of each category to make it easier for our loyal customers (I thank you, I do). And remember, we take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Amex, as well as Paypal to make it easier for you.

Now. Click. Shop. Enjoy. You've been good. You deserve it. Santa told me so.