Every day there's a little weather . . . February 11, 2009 08:29

And some days, it's more exciting than others. It snowed here Saturday. Sunday. Monday. The  first pic was taken Monday at dusk, as the snow fell.


It was lovely. Perhaps it's because I'm a Southerner, so each snowfall is an event. Almost like the first time. To be trite.


Of course. Then comes the aftermath. His Bertness shovels. He's having so much fun. I know. He didn't complain. At all. Unless I count his description of his aching muscles. And I don't. I won't. He enjoyed each load of snow. Just ask him. Really.


Henry Jones, our Lab-Great Dane mix, is like me: He enjoys the snow best when he's indoors, peering through double panes of glass. In fact, he's only outside because His Bertness needed his supervision while clearing the driveway.

Emma, the Malamute, cannot get enough. She exults in it. She burrows through it. She practically giggles in glee. Like Bert.