Inspirations: Run those Saturday errands in style February 21, 2009 17:07

1930s_blouse_advance_2189 Do you run those pesky errands every Saturday? The grocery store. Costco. The car wash. Staples.

Well. I am here to tell you that I do. And I am more than a little red-faced to share this: I generally wear yoga capris and top unless the weather is quite frigid. Then, I dress up – in jeans and a Three Dots tee-shirt. Please. I beg you. Do not tell the fashion police. Do not tell Stacey and Clinton. Keep this bit of news in the vault. Let this revelation be our little secret. After all, I don't want to be arrested or exposed on national television. The horror.

However. I have plans. I have dreams. I do. And one dream (do not, I repeat, do not say it's a pipe dream) is to make this gorgeous 1930s blouse. I would feel even smarter, even sassier picking out the freshest bagged lettuce mix in this. Absolutely.

And which view would I choose? I am fond of them all. Really. I am. But I think I'll stitch up A1 first. It's stylish. It's comfortable. What more could a woman want?