Statistical error: Pink is the color of slips and jammies May 12, 2009 18:43 1 Comment


When one is having an anxiety attack about the looming mortgage and the dwindling pantry staples, it helps to look good. Really good. Scrumptiously good. 

30s_harlow_pajamas So let's look to that Depression-era queen of slink Jean Harlow for inspiration. Her pajamas are glamorous, yet comfortable. So very. Perfect for sitting in front of the computer screen while you're networking on LinkedIn and BrightFuse. Or for lurking behind the draperies while watching the parade of neighbors as they scurry to work at 8 a.m. Oh, envy. Be gone. Now. That's an order.

And in the meantime, dream of lounging about in McCall 8214, copyright 1935. Maybe in cotton lawn. So much easier to launder. Absolutely.