Inspirations: It's elegant. It's sleek. And is it ever powerful. July 21, 2009 13:42

1940s_suit_VCD309 Have you ever had one of those days? You know the kind. The driver in the scarlet Miata cuts in front of you. Your boss yells at you. You get a hangnail. Your lawyer forgets your appointment. Your dog slips past you at the door and you trip and scuff your left knee and your vintage Levine pumps chasing after him. 

Do you want to scream? Holler? Roll on the ground? Stomp your feet? Don't. Wear this instead. This 1940s suit affirms that, yes, you are powerful. Yes. You are. You have presence. Yes. You do. This suit warns: Don't mess with me. Absolutely. Don't. Embrace your power. Enfold it in your strong arms. Claim it with your nimble intellect.

Your enemies have been warned. Your lawyer will return your calls. Your boss will speak to you with soft-voiced respect. Your dog will sit at your feet awaiting your requests. Black cats will be afraid to cross your path.

There. You feel better. You do. And all because of Vogue Couturier Design 309.

And, yes, it is available at The Blue Gardenia.